Yusuf Meherally Centre

Rural Re-development Master Plan



Tara, Raigad, Maharashtra



Dosti Foundation, Yusuf Meherally Center



Urban Planning, Urban Design , Sustainability, Landscape Planning

Yusuf Meherally Centre is a voluntary organization, which has philanthropic initiatives for rural development based on philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi. Out of the 10 centres located across India, the Centre at Tara is located along the Mumbai Goa highway, is an educational magnet to more than 50,000 visiting school children every year. However infrastructure at the 10 acre campus is crumbling and the centre has an urgent need of holistic revamping. With the help of the CSR initiative from Dosti Foundation, the Yusuf Meherally Centre appointed StudioPOD for retrofitting the campus master plan.

The new proposed vision developed through stakeholder consultation involves creating a strong identity for the centre with stronger and more prominent presence located along the highway. The master plan is designed to upgrade the infrastructure on site with strategic infill development with state-of-the-art rural training facilities. The goal is to increase tree cover and bio diversity on the site with close proximity to the Karnala Bird sanctuary. A new welcome plaza with Retail and Food & Beverage facilities shall engage visitors with locally produced soaps, pottery, organic oils, furniture and textiles. An internal village street designed to multi task as outdoor exhibitions spaces.  The village street culminates into an education plaza with vocational training facilities, pottery and carpentry studios along with an amphitheater. The rest of the site is preserved as natural forest with a cluster of student dormitories. The storm water on site is collected at the lowest point on site creating a leisure walk trail around the pond. The master plan is built in modules for successful implementation in phases building towards the overall vision.

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