Dal Lake Vision Plan

Holistic Public Realm Design for Dal Lake



Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir



Traffic Advisor to Government of Jammu & Kashmir



Urban Planning and Transport Planning
The road which loops around Dal Lake, connects Srinagar’s primary tourist attractions and is also the primary connector between the commercial centre of Srinagar and the residential neighbourhoods to the west and north of the city has been witnessing a marked increase in traffic congestion. The Government has decided to develop a comprehensive and holistic vision for the development of Dal Lake and its surroundings in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner that meets the requirements of the locals and visitors. As part of the overall vision plan, the Government commissioned a study for developing a transportation plan around Dal Lake and development of the areas around the major tourist attractions so as to improve and enrich the visitor experience.
The Boulevard road cross section has been re-designed to be pedestrian and public transport friendly. Dedicated corridor for public transport, cycle tracks and a well defined footpath ensuring a continuous public realm have been designed. The areas around major tourist attractions such as Nishat Bagh, Hazratbal and Dal Gate have been re-designed friendly nodes with well planned and integrated transportation, retail plazas and landscape features which enhance the tourist experience.

Site Plan

Dal Gate Precinct

Makai Park

Foreshore Road

Nishat Bagh

Shalimar Bagh