Piramal School Of Leadership

30 Acres Campus Master Plan & Architectural Vision
Invited Competition – Winners


Jaipur, Rajasthan


Piramal Education Foundation 


Ranjit Sinh Associates
Design Inc


Campus Master Planning, Design Vision, Project Brief Creation, Architectural Vision,  Architectural Typologies, Massing study, Landscape Intent 

This project is the winning entry for an invited competition by the Piramal Education Foundation. The School of Leadership has a very strong vision to change the way education is dealt with in India. The campus wants to be one of the campuses in the world that offer such an opportunity and challenges to rethink the ideology of learning. The master planning framework therefore focuses on leveraging these extraordinary aspiration to build a unique campus that is ahead of its time and at the same time very strongly rooted in its Indian context.

The framework outlines the following unique characteristics that will guide the master plan:

  • Humane Experience
  • Balance of Nature and Buildings
  • Synergies of Program within the Campus
  • Contextual to Rajasthan
  • Incubator of Change

The core philosophy of the campus is :  ‘I think therefore I am’ to ‘Tat Tvam Asi’ – You are who you seek to become​

Current Status of Project : Master Planning – Complete

Campus Master Plan

Campus Open Spaces : Baori & Aranya

Learning Gram : Re-Imagining a Teaching Area as a Village

Living Gram : Re-Imagining Hostel Living Typology

Working Gram : Re-Imagining Working Typology