Masdar City

Phase 2 Detailed Master Plan



Abu Dhabi, UAE



CBT Architects | Masdar (A Mubadala Company)



Urban Planning, Urban Design , Sustainability



Landscape: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.
Transportation: Transpo Group
Sustainability: Buro Happold
Utilities: KEO International
Safety and Security: Good Harbor Consulting, LLC
Fire Strategy: COWI
Cost Estimation: NEA
Renderings: Design Distill
In collaboration with CBT Architects, StudioPOD succesfully completed the master planning services for the Detailed Master Plan for Masdar City Phase 2 securing approvals from the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council. The master plan has received the AIA Middle East’s Urban Design and Planning Award. This forward-thinking plan establishes a strong identity and a flexible framework for the organic growth and development of one of the world’s first eco-cities.
Located outside of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is a low-carbon and pedestrian-focused innovation community designed to encourage creativity and collaboration in the midst of one of the world’s harshest climates. This award-winning Detailed Master Plan pushes the limits of city-building and urban design to set a new international precedent for sustainable urban planning and community building.
This 280-acre phase will create a welcoming and walkable community by introducing many of the city’s core elements such as a research and development cluster, shops and restaurants, residential neighborhoods,  complete streets, community centers, parks, and plazas.
Inspired by local culture and the natural environment, one-of-a-kind public spaces will animate, engage and connect the city. From education centers and research fields to multi-use trails and mosques, the DMP celebrates the city’s tremendous social, economic, ecological and cultural synergies.
Together, these thoughtfully planned spaces and programs will create a lively and legible city experience.

Understanding The Evolutionary Context

Site View

Sikka View

Public Plaza

LRT Corridor

Public Plaza Views