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Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh



Naya Raipur Development Authority



Master Planning and Landscape Design



Ranjit Sinh & Associates, Design Inc.

StudioPOD as part of a consortium with Design Inc and Ranjit Sinh Architects won the competition hosted by the Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) for the master planning, architectural design and landscape design of the state-of-the-art school in Naya Raipur.

The School site covers an area of 12ha and shall have primary, secondary and senior secondary sections with hostel for students, sports facilities and housing for faculty and staff.

StudioPOD prepared a comprehensive master plan that includes, the strategic locating of structures, smooth site circulation, landscape plan, planning of civic infrastructure and a phasing plan for the development of the school..

Site Plan

Circulation Plan

Storm Water Management Plan

Site View – Assembly in the Amphitheater

Site View – Meals in the Dining Hall Plaza

Site View – Morning School Time

Site View – Late Afternoon Outdoor Learning

Site Views