Maharashtra Nature Park Competition

Building Social & Ecological Value to Communities



Mumbai, India



Observer Research Foundation | MMRDA



Landscape Planning, Landscape Architecture, Sustainability



CBT Architects, Dumont Janks, Arup
As part of a Global Competition to redevelop of the 17 acres of Maharashtra Nature Park in Mumbai, StudioPOD in collaboration with Dumont Janks and CBT Architects submitted this simple and elegant proposal that creates ecological, social and economic connects between diverse communities surrounding the park.
The proposed interventions involve connecting one of the richest Central Business Districts in India, located to the north of the park, to the gritty entrepreneurial hub of Dharavi to the south. The creation of these connections shall have significant impact on the growth and development of the region. The proposal also recommends daylighting reclaimed flood plains in a systematic manner to avoid flooding within the area in monsoons. Within the park the primary circulation is determined based on the flood plain analysis of the riverine corridor. Other secondary and tertiary nature trails engage and disconnect with the river and the forest in rhythmic manner, culminating into an elegant pedestrian and cyclist bridge connecting the communities across the river. The constructed wetlands along the waterfront edge of the park shall clean and restore the ecology along the Mithi river, providing an ecologically sensitive redevelopment model for the rivers in India. An Experience Centre nestled amongst dense forest will become a showcase for environmental design and practices within the park. Maharshtra Nature Park shall become a jewel within a larger string-system of parks and open spaces along the waterfronts of Mumbai.
Maharashtra Nature Park_01