Stree(t) Scapes

Rethinking  of M.S.Ali Street, Girgaon


Girgaon, Mumbai 



Competition Entry – MCGM Streetlabs


Urban Design, Transport Planning, Street Design 

Creating safe public Stree(t) spaces

Sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces are becoming a reality that women and girls around the world have to accept and live with. Women and girls experience and fear various types of sexual violence in public spaces, from unwanted sexual remarks and touching to rape and femicide. It happens on streets, in and around public transportation, schools, and workplaces, in public parks and within residential neighborhoods.

The proposal aims to highlight and address this very grave issue present in and around our streets and public spaces today. This was the main feature that was highlighted when we visited the site. Although violence recognized as a human rights violation, violence against women and girls, especially sexual harassment in public spaces, remains a largely neglected issue, with few laws, policies, urban guidelines, design interventions to prevent and address it. The proposal aims at creating new bold strategies and ideas that try and resolve women’s safety within the existing context of the M.S.Ali road through street design. The proposal explored solutions that can be placed today and some that will be developed in time as this street undergoes redevelopment and land use change.

This entry was one of the finalists for the competition and was part of the MCGM Exhibition.

Why is it not safe ?

Design Measured Parameters

Node 1 : Near Grant Road Station & New Metro Station

Node 2 : Intersection of M.S Ali and Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road

Node 3 : Near Kamathipura and JJ Flyover

How Tactical Urbanism Can Kickstart the Dialogue

Competition Panels