Green Fill

Competition Entry for Urban Urge 






Columbia University



Urban Design, Sustainability, Landscape Architeture

The following was a competition entry for the Urban Urge Awards 2014. Urban Design practice in global cities of developing countries like India is often faced with a challenge to communicate new urban concepts to the local residents.

The intent of this proposal is to contextualize and promote Urban Farming through integration of design, technology, research and communication.
The first outcome of the project is to create a one stop Online portal for communication of ideas; a platform for selling ready to install `farming kits’ that individual residents, private developers, government agencies can easily adopt depending on their requirements, budget and space available.
Today Indian cities are facing rapid urbanization. This urbanization is more physical than cultural creating several loopholes for unsustainable development. The Greenfill projects wants to revive the farming culture in cities as a way of living for existing and new developments to prevent India from a crisis of food shortage and inflation.