Development  Plan for Garbhor




Garbhor, Rajasthan, India



Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative, Oasis Designs INC. and Kanwar Krishen Associates Pvt. Ltd.



Master Planning

Garbhor currently has a population of approximately 4,000 persons and is anticipated to grow to over 8,000 in 2040. Garbhor is an important religious town and hosts the Jal Jhulni festival annually which attracts over one lakh visitors over the festival period.

For the village, a comprehensive prepared Development Plan has been created considering a 25 year horizon period. The Development Plan includes a environmentally sensitive land use plan that identifies developable and Eco-sensitive parcels of land in and around the village that require to be preserved. Plans for efficient and environmentally sustainable management of civic infrastructure considering the existing and 25 year horizon period has been planned.
A transportation plan has also been developed that considers improves connectivity within the village and the surrounding areas and also makes special provisions for the movement of visitors/tourists during the festival.

Formulation of Master Plan for Garhbor


Overall Land Use

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