Cities of Tomorrow Competition (2nd Place)

Weaving Lost Identities



Ruhr Valley, Germany



Project Earth 2

Our award winning proposal “Weaving Lost Identities :creating new synergies between communities and landscapes ” aims to explore the reclamation of post-industrial landscapes into resettlement colonies by grafting them within environmental concerns, and developing new forms of urban centres. It re-imagines refugee resettlement as an instrument of economic growth and development that can serve as a harbinger to new ways of living together and living with nature. It also acknowledges and embeds the diversity of culture, brought in by refugees in new social structures that benefit both the city and its citizens. By adapting a participatory approach for production of shelter, service and infrastructure, it thereby conceptualizes a richer manifestation of the city with strengthened social structures that are polyvalent and inclusive, offering liveable spaces that every human deserves.

Competition Poster