Bhavani and Neighbouring Islands Concept Master Plan

Tourism Master Plan for Bhavani Island and Neighbouring Islands



Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh



Bhavani Island Tourism Corporation



Master Planning, Sustainability

Covering a total area of 1820 ha located in the Krishna River is a short ferry ride from the cities of Vijayawada and New Amaravati of Andhra Pradesh. The islands have a rich bio-diversity with a wide range of local flora and the edges of the island have a unique riparian eco-system which is home to many species of birds. The Government has a vision to be amongst the top three tourist destinations in India by 2022; to assist in achieving this vision the islands are being planned to be developed as an eco-tourist destinations that can be enjoyed by all.

A master plan for the development of the islands have been made which strategically locates development parcels to minimise the impact on the existing flora and fauna. A vibrant land use has been planned including programmed open spaces, cultural facilities and retail hubs which makes the islands an active and exciting place that can be enjoyed during the day and evening. In addition to the programmed open spaces, over 50% of the island is planned to left as a natural, untouched open space and the wetlands on the island are protected through a series of landscaping strategies which enhances the ecology of the island.
All the facilities and activities on the islands shall be connected by a multi-use pathway designed for the use of cycles which can be rented on the island and walking. Boardwalks and nature trails also form a network alongside the pathway to provide different experiences. A toy train route has also been planned that connects all the attractions and allows visitors to see the islands many facets.

Bhavani and Neighbouring Islands – Concept Master Plan – CBT & StudioPOD

Understanding The Evolution

Existing Site Condition

Context Study

Concept Master Plan

Vijayawada Waterfront

Edge Strategies

Wetland Park

One of the largest wetland parks in India that will be the standard bearer for the preservation and design of sustainable park design.

Forest Canopy Walk

This park will host various activities ranging from forest adventure activities to calm nature walks amidst the forest canopy.

Wellness Resort

Eco-resorts and Wellness retreats on the Bhavani island amidst the nature provide a perfect setting for health and wellness activities like yoga and meditation.