162 Acre, Housing Plan for Manesar

Mixed-use Affordable Housing



Manesar, Haryana



Metro Valley Business Park Ltd.



Sustainable Planning & Urban Design

Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (HSIIDC), Industrial Model Township (IMT) Manesar is a 4,018.7 acre (first six phases) modern Integrated Industrial Park. Located along the NH-8, 23 km from Gurgaon, IMT Manesar has been conceived to provide services and facilities that would place the state on a global map of industrial competitiveness, while catalysing Gurgaon into becoming a global city.

The proposed master plan provides low-cost worker housing in a mixed-use and sustainable environment. It suggests enhancing the economy and the employment opportunity at Manesar by creating access and smart development. The objective is to enhance work life balance and create greater opportunity at lower costs through economy of scales. The master plan homogenizes three diverse communities of industrial staff, existing villages and investing residents together through integrated social planning. The worker housing issues are mitigated by creating workable economic model that benefits all. A unique living experience is created around democratic open spaces to enhance social inclusiveness. Non-motorized transportation is promoted by giving walk / cycle to work access for all. Engaging social public spaces are proposed for safer, equitable and fulfilling living experience.
According to Haryana Industrial Policy of Town and Country Planning, it is required to provide three percent of the entire industrial area as worker housing and twelve percent as Market Rate Residential. Taking the existing industrial area into account (4,018.7 acres), the total area required for worker housing is 123.99 acres (3.2%) and market rate residential is 451.16 acres (11.8%). Currently there is only 4 acres of land that is being used as worker housing in the entire Industrial area.
As identified by HSIIDC in Phase-VI, there is a big opportunity in the southern part of the IMT Manesar area, comprising of 162 acres of acquired land, to be developed for Worker Housing. Assuming 35% of land to be utilized for roads, utilities and open spaces, the rest of the 105.3 acres can be utilized for worker housing thus fulfilling the current requirement. This area can provide worker housing for 85,979 workers in Phase VI and 14,022 worker population in Phase V.

Social Programming For Worker Housing in Phase VI

Social Programming For Worker Housing in Phase VI

Social Programming for Worker Housing Within Phase V